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prediction Spells

1st Level

Read Fate DivinationClericPrediction You attempt to learn more about the target's fate in the short term, usually within the next day for most prosaic creatures, or the next hour or less for someone likely to have multiple rapid experiences, such as someone actively adventuring.

2nd Level

Augury DivinationPrediction You gain a vague glimpse of the future.

3rd Level

Impending Doom Two ActionsDivinationEmotionFearIncapacitationMentalPrediction You sift through myriad potential futures, seize upon one potential moment in which the target meets a particularly gruesome and fatal end, and then show it a vision of its impending demise.
Perseis's Precautions Three ActionsUncommonDivinationFortunePrediction Leaving nothing to chance, you weave divinatory precautions against an ambush, alerting the target to danger.

4th Level

Read Omens UncommonDivinationPrediction You peek into the future.

5th Level

Inevitable Disaster Two ActionsDivinationCursePrediction You briefly glimpse cause and effect, putting into motion a chain of events that will visit doom on your enemy at some point in the future, though you're not quite sure when or how the doom will occur.

7th Level

True Target One ActionDivinationFortunePrediction You delve into the possible futures of the next few seconds to understand all the ways your foe might avoid harm, then cast out a vision of that future to those around you.

9th Level

Foresight Two ActionsDivinationMentalPrediction You gain a sixth sense that warns you of danger that might befall the target of the spell.