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poison Spells


Puff of Poison Two ActionsEvocationCantripInhaledPoison You exhale a shimmering cloud of toxic breath at an enemy's face.

1st Level

Noxious Vapors Two ActionsEvocationPoison You emit a cloud of toxic smoke that temporarily obscures you from sight.
Spider Sting Two ActionsNecromancyPoison You magically duplicate a spider's venomous sting.

2nd Level

Imp Sting Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyEvilPoison You reproduce an imp's evil, poisonous sting, stabbing at an enemy and possibly affecting them with the devil's benumbing venom.

3rd Level

Envenom Companion Two ActionsNecromancyPoison You envenom your companion or eidolon's attacks, which drip with highly toxic venom for the spell's duration.
Gasping Marsh Two ActionsUncommonEvocationPoison With a rattling hiss, you create a quickly evaporating mist of invisible poisonous marsh gas to smother creatures in the area.
Stinking Cloud Two ActionsConjurationPoison You create a cloud of putrid mist in the area.

4th Level

Garden of Death UncommonNecromancyConsecrationPlantPoison Typically associated with the less friendly fey or druids, this ritual calls all the poisonous, toxic, and venomous plants and animals of an area to congregate in a certain place, creating a beautiful but extravagantly deadly garden.
Swarming Wasp Stings Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyPoison You manifest a swarm of disembodied wasp stingers that stab creatures in the area, possibly poisoning them.

5th Level

Blackfinger's Blades Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationPoison You pray for swift and painful death to your enemies and find your and your allies' weapons blessed to deliver just that.
Cloudkill Three ActionsNecromancyDeathPoison You conjure a poisonous fog.
Flammable Fumes Three ActionsConjurationPoison Sending magic deep underground, you conjure a cloud of toxic gases that swiftly degenerate into volatile fumes.
Wyvern Sting Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyPoison You duplicate the venomous sting of a wyvern.

6th Level

Nature's Reprisal Three ActionsTransmutationPlantPoison The plant life within the area begins to writhe and lash out against your enemies as you call upon nature to impede your foes.
Purple Worm Sting Two ActionsNecromancyPoison You replicate the attack of a deadly purple worm.

7th Level

Leng Sting Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyPoison You use the power of nightmares to magically replicate the venomous attack of the aberrant and cunning Leng spiders.

9th Level

Linnorm Sting Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyFirePoison You replicate the fiery venom of the tor linnorm and inflict an enemy with the dread dragon's debilitating bite.