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death Spells

2nd Level

Death Knell Two ActionsNecromancyDeath You snuff the life out of a creature on the brink of death.
Reaper's Lantern Two ActionsNecromancyDeathLight You call forth a ghostly lantern that guides the living toward death and the undead toward true death.

3rd Level

Vampiric Touch Two ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative Your touch leeches the lifeblood out of a target to empower yourself.

4th Level

Achaekek's Clutch Two ActionsRareNecromancyCurseDeath You mark the holy symbol of Achaekek in a visible location on the target's body.
Call The Blood Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyDeathNegative With a word and gesture, you cause streams of blood to erupt from the target's mouth, nostrils, ears, or other facial openings and come rushing into your mouth.
Phantasmal Killer Two ActionsIllusionDeathEmotionFearMental You create a phantasmal image of the most fearsome creature imaginable to the target.
Sanguine Mist Two ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative You unleash a cloud of foul, blood-sucking fog that drains the vitality from the living to bolster your own.
Seal Fate Two ActionsNecromancyCurseDeath You utter a curse that a creature will meet a certain end-a death by freezing, stabbing, or another means you devise.

5th Level

Cloudkill Three ActionsNecromancyDeathPoison You conjure a poisonous fog.
Curse of Death Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyCurseDeathHexWitch You focus your malevolent gaze on a target, causing their heart to seize in dread.
Rip the Spirit One Action to Three ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative You supernaturally rip the spirit from a living creature's body, dooming the target to pain and death.

6th Level

Vampiric Exsanguination Two ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative You draw in the blood and life force of other creatures through your outstretched arms.

7th Level

Finger of Death Two ActionsNecromancyDeath You point your finger toward the target and speak a word of slaying.

8th Level

Devour Life Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyDeathHealingNegative You attempt to utterly consume the target's life force.

9th Level

Blunt the Final Blade RareNecromancyDeath You anoint the Final Blade with powdered mithral and grave dirt while speaking softly and carefully to the souls trapped within it.
Massacre Two ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative You unleash a wave of necromantic energy to snuff out the life force of those in its path.
Power Word Kill One ActionUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryDeathMental You utter the most powerful arcane word of power.
Unspeakable Shadow Two ActionsIllusionDeathEmotionFearMentalShadowVisual You alter a creature's shadow, transforming it into a terrifying monster out to devour the creature.
Voracious Gestalt Two ActionsNecromancyAuraDeathEvil You create a powerful spirit entity that grows and builds strength by consuming the spirits of foes you both slay.
Wail of the Banshee Two ActionsNecromancyAuditoryDeathNegative Your scream chills the souls of enemies that hear it.
Weird Two ActionsIllusionDeathEmotionFearMental You fill the targets' minds with terrifying images of fearsome creatures, each drawn from the targets' worst fears.

10th Level

Fatal Aria One ActionUncommonEnchantmentBardCompositionDeathEmotionMental You perform music so perfect that the target may die of joy or sorrow.