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evil Spells

2nd Level

Create Undead UncommonNecromancyEvil You transform the target into an undead creature with a level up to that allowed in Table 7-1.
Ghoulish Cravings Two ActionsNecromancyDiseaseEvil You touch the target to afflict it with ghoul fever, infesting it with hunger and a steadily decreasing connection to positive energy; the target must attempt a Fortitude save.
Imp Sting Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyEvilPoison You reproduce an imp's evil, poisonous sting, stabbing at an enemy and possibly affecting them with the devil's benumbing venom.

3rd Level

Chilling Darkness Two ActionsEvocationAttackColdDarknessEvil You shoot an utterly cold ray of darkness tinged with unholy energy.
Embrace the Pit One ActionUncommonTransmutationEvilMorphSorcerer Devil horns grow from your skull, and your skin takes on features of the devil responsible for your diabolic bloodline.

5th Level

Abyssal Plague Two ActionsNecromancyChaoticDiseaseEvil Your touch afflicts the target with Abyssal plague, which siphons fragments of their soul away to empower the Abyss.
Hellfire Plume Two ActionsUncommonEvocationEvilFireSorcerer You call forth a plume of hellfire that erupts from below, dealing 4d6 fire damage and 4d6 evil damage.
Litany of Self-Interest One ActionUncommonEnchantmentChampionEvilLitanyMental You give a speech that fills your target with a drive to improve themself to the exclusion of assisting others.
Ravening Maw Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyEvilHealing You evoke Zevgavizeb's unceasing hunger and inflict it upon your target.

6th Level

Daemon Form Two ActionsTransmutationEvilPolymorph You infuse yourself with the corrupting death and pure malevolence of Abaddon, transforming into a Large daemon battle form.
Demon Form Two ActionsTransmutationChaoticEvilPolymorph You corrupt yourself with the sin of the Abyss, transforming into a Medium demon battle form.
Devil Form Two ActionsTransmutationEvilLawfulPolymorph You bind yourself to the power of Hell, transforming into a Medium devil battle form.
Form of the Sandpoint Devil RareTransmutationEvilPolymorph You infuse yourself with incredible amounts of pure evil, subsuming your consciousness into malevolence and giving yourself a monstrous form resembling that of the Sandpoint Devil.
Shambling Horror Three ActionsUncommonNecromancyEvil You reanimate the corpse of a fallen creature as an undead minion under your control.

7th Level

Litany of Depravity One ActionUncommonEvocationChampionEvilLitany Your litany calls into question the morals your foe claims to hold dear.
Ravenous Reanimation RareNecromancyEvil You destroy the gathered treasures with your breath weapon or other powerful magic, then invoke necromantic energies before you feed upon the charred and melted remains.

9th Level

Bind Soul Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyEvil You wrench the target's soul away before it can pass on to the afterlife and imprison it in a black sapphire.
Voracious Gestalt Two ActionsNecromancyAuraDeathEvil You create a powerful spirit entity that grows and builds strength by consuming the spirits of foes you both slay.