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shadow Spells

1st Level

Cloak of Shadow One ActionUncommonEvocationClericDarknessShadow You drape the target in a mantle of swirling shadows that make it harder to see.

2nd Level

Penumbral Disguise Two ActionsUncommonIllusionShadow You wrap the target in shadows, granting them a +1 status bonus to Stealth checks to Hide while in dim light or darkness.
Shadow Zombie Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyShadow You cast a shadow over the target zombie, briefly turning it into shadowy vapor and controlling its movement.
Umbral Extraction Two ActionsIllusionMentalShadow You prepare to steal spells from your foes, ripping them from the foe's shadow to stow them in an ephemeral pocket in the Shadow Plane.
Umbral Mindtheft Two ActionsUncommonIllusionMentalShadow You prepare to steal a broad field of knowledge from another creature, siphoning it from their mind and storing it in a pocket of the Shadow Plane connected to your own mind.

3rd Level

Inscrutable Mask Two ActionsUncommonIllusionShadow You shroud your form and features in an impenetrable mask of shadow.
Malicious Shadow Two ActionsUncommonEvocationHexShadowWitch You reshape the target's shadow into a deadly form, such as strangling hands, a dangerous weapon, harrying runes, or the like, and command it to attack the target.
Shadow Projectile ReactionIllusionShadowVisual You create an illusory duplicate of your ally's ranged attack to confuse your opponents.
Steal Shadow Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyShadowSorcerer You steal a creature's shadow, leaving it weakened and vulnerable.

4th Level

Clinging Shadows Stance One ActionUncommonEvocationMonkShadowStance You adopt the stance of clinging shadows.
Replicate Three ActionsIllusionShadow You create an illusory magical double that physically looks and behaves very similarly to the target.
Umbral Graft Two ActionsIllusionShadow You reflect a spell into a shadowy version of itself, in the process depleting the power of the initial spell.

5th Level

Consuming Darkness Two ActionsUncommonEvocationShadowSorcerer Your shadow wriggles before spreading out from you, forming a gateway of clinging, consuming shadow through which the horrors of another plane can barely be seen.
Shadow Blast Two ActionsEvocationShadow You shape the quasi-real substance of the Shadow Plane into a blast.
Shadow Jump Two ActionsUncommonConjurationShadowTeleportation You instantly transport yourself from one shadow to another.
Shadow Siphon ReactionIllusionShadow Exchanging material energy with that of the Shadow Plane, you transform the triggering spell into a partially illusory version of itself.
Shadow Walk UncommonConjurationShadowTeleportation You access the Shadow Plane, using its warped nature to spread your travels.

6th Level

Gray Shadow Three ActionsUncommonNecromancyShadow You pray over a dying creature, drawing its shadow into your service as long as its owner is stooped at death's door.
Shadow Illusion Two ActionsUncommonIllusionAuditoryShadowVisual You create a shadowy illusion of a creature or a stationary object, but the illusion can exist only in an area of dim light or darkness.

7th Level

Darklight Three ActionsUncommonEvocationDarknessShadow Shadows pour forth from your eyes, creating a field of darkness that prevents light from emanating within the area.
Shadow Raid Three ActionsIllusionShadow You spin illusions of flying shadows throughout the area.

8th Level

Undermine Reality Two ActionsUncommonIllusionIncapacitationShadow You lash a target with tendrils of shadow that steal some of its substance, making it quasi-real.

9th Level

Unspeakable Shadow Two ActionsIllusionDeathEmotionFearMentalShadowVisual You alter a creature's shadow, transforming it into a terrifying monster out to devour the creature.

10th Level

Shadow Army Three ActionsIllusionAuditoryMentalShadowVisual You create dozens of semi-real copies of yourself that swarm across the battlefield and fight your enemies.