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druid Spells

1st Level

Goodberry Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyDruidHealing You imbue the target berry with the bounty of nature, turning it into a goodberry that can heal and sustain far beyond its normal capacity.
Heal Animal UncommonNecromancyDruidHealingPositive You heal an animal's wounds, restoring 1d8 Hit Points to the target.
Tempest Surge Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAirDruidElectricity You surround a foe in a swirling storm of violent winds, roiling clouds, and crackling lightning.
Wild Morph UncommonTransmutationDruidMorph You morph your body based on your training, choosing one of the following effects based on your wild order feats.
Wild Shape Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationDruidPolymorph You infuse yourself with primal essence and transform into another form.

4th Level

Stormwind Flight Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationAirDruid Powerful winds carry you smoothly through the air, giving you a fly Speed equal to your Speed.

6th Level

Primal Summons Free ActionUncommonConjurationDruid You enhance a summoned creature with the power of the elements.

8th Level

Impaling Briars Two ActionsUncommonConjurationDruidPlant The ground within the area transforms into a mass of dangerous briars that assault and impede your foes.

9th Level

Storm Lord Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAirDruidElectricity The sky above you darkens in a matter of moments, swirling with ominous clouds punctuated by flashes of lighting.

10th Level

Apex Companion Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationDruidPolymorph You focus on the energies of all members of your animal companion's species, transforming your animal companion into its apex battle form.