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electricity Spells


Electric Arc Two ActionsEvocationCantripElectricity An arc of lightning leaps from one target to another.

1st Level

Charged Javelin Two ActionsEvocationAttackClericElectricity You fire a javelin of electricity that leaves a charged field around its target.
Horizon Thunder Sphere EvocationAttackElectricity You gather magical energy into your palm, forming a concentrated ball of electricity that crackles and rumbles like impossibly distant thunder.
Shocking Grasp Two ActionsEvocationAttackElectricity You shroud your hands in a crackling field of lightning.
Tempest Surge Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAirDruidElectricity You surround a foe in a swirling storm of violent winds, roiling clouds, and crackling lightning.

2nd Level

Sudden Bolt Two ActionsUncommonEvocationElectricity You call down a small bolt of lightning on the target, dealing 4d12 electricity damage.

3rd Level

Electrified Crystal Ward Two ActionsRareEvocationElectricity You create an Electric Latch Rune hazard on the target, creating a special crystalline lock on the object.
Lightning Bolt Two ActionsEvocationElectricity A bolt of lightning strikes outward from your hand, dealing 4d12 electricity damage.

4th Level

Bottle the Storm ReactionEvocationClericElectricity When lightning is turned at you, you store the charge safely within yourself, unleashing it when the time is right.
Draw the Lightning Two ActionsEvocationElectricity Calling out to the skies, you summon a bolt of lightning to strike through a foe above you and down into your weapon or your body, charging it with electrical power.

5th Level

Lightning Storm Three ActionsEvocationElectricity You create a black, rumbling storm cloud and call down one lightning bolt within the spell's area.
Stormburst Two ActionsUncommonEvocationElectricity Your voice projects like cracking thunder as you summon a localized storm, creating a fearsome surge of lightning and wind that deals 6d6 electricity damage.
Wronged Monk's Wrath One Action to Three ActionsUncommonEvocationElectricityForceMonk You unleash your ki as a powerful storm of force and lightning, dealing 2d6 force damage and 2d12 electricity damage to creatures in the area.

6th Level

Chain Lightning Two ActionsEvocationElectricity You discharge a powerful bolt of lightning at the target, dealing 8d12 electricity damage.
For Love, For Lightning Three ActionsUncommonEvocationElectricity When you Cast the Spell, you plunge the required weapon into the ground, where it crackles with crimson lightning.

9th Level

Storm Lord Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAirDruidElectricity The sky above you darkens in a matter of moments, swirling with ominous clouds punctuated by flashes of lighting.
Storm of Vengeance Three ActionsEvocationAirElectricity A massive storm cloud forms in the air in a 360-foot burst.

10th Level

Cataclysm Two ActionsEvocationAcidAirColdEarthElectricityFireWater You call upon the unimaginable power of world-ending cataclysms, ripping a small piece of each cataclysm and combining them together into one horrifically powerful attack.