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air Spells


Gale Blast Two ActionsEvocationAirCantrip Wind flows from your outstretched hands and whirls around you in a 5-foot emanation.

1st Level

Air Bubble ReactionConjurationAir A bubble of pure air appears around the target's head, allowing it to breathe normally.
Airburst One ActionUncommonEvocationAir A blast of wind wildly pushes everything nearby.
Buffeting Winds Two ActionsEvocationAirNonlethal You release a quick burst of wind that batters your living opponents without causing them lasting harm, while also blowing undead away.
Gritty Wheeze Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAirEarth You exhale desiccating grit and sand in a small cloud.
Gust of Wind Two ActionsEvocationAir A violent wind issues forth from your palm, blowing from the point where you are when you cast the spell to the line's opposite end.
Parch Two ActionsEvocationAirCleric Dry winds dehydrate a creature.
Pushing Gust Two ActionsUncommonConjurationAirCleric Giving the air a push, you buffet the target with a powerful gust of wind; it must attempt a Fortitude save.
Tempest Surge Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAirDruidElectricity You surround a foe in a swirling storm of violent winds, roiling clouds, and crackling lightning.
Updraft Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAir A powerful blast of wind erupts from the ground, launching the target into the air and sending it crashing back down.

2nd Level

Ash Cloud Three ActionsConjurationAirFire You summon a tumultuous cloud of ash and smoke.

3rd Level

Blazing Dive Two ActionsEvocationAirFire Superheated air collects under you, buoying you high into the sky before you plummet back down in a fiery comet.
Elemental Annihilation Wave EvocationAirEarthFireWater You draw elemental power from your surroundings, and combining it with your own magical energy, unleash a wave of utter destruction and swirling colors that deals 1d6 fire damage and 3d6 bludgeoning damage with a basic Reflex save.
Powerful Inhalation Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAir You rapidly draw the air from your surroundings, hoarding it for yourself.
Thunderburst Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAirCurseboundOracleSonic You create a powerful blast of air and a loud peal of thunder, dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage and 2d6 sonic damage.
Unseasonable Squall Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAir You issue a blast of sudden wind that ripples outward from the center of the burst.
Wall of Wind Three ActionsEvocationAir You create a barrier of gusting winds that hinders anything moving through it.

4th Level

Air Walk Two ActionsTransmutationAir The target can walk on air as if it were solid ground.
Disperse into Air ReactionUncommonTransmutationAirClericPolymorph After taking the triggering damage, you transform into air.
Dust Storm Two ActionsConjurationAirClericNonlethal You call forth a swirling storm of dust.
Petal Storm Two ActionsConjurationAirPlant You bring forth a cloud of razor-sharp flower petals that thrash violently in the wind.
Stormwind Flight Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationAirDruid Powerful winds carry you smoothly through the air, giving you a fly Speed equal to your Speed.
Wild Winds Stance One ActionUncommonEvocationAirMonkStance You take on the stance of the flowing winds, sending out waves of energy at a distance.

5th Level

Steal the Sky UncommonEvocationAir You deny a flying creature the support of the air.
Wind Jump One ActionUncommonTransmutationAirMonk You gain a fly Speed equal to your Speed.

6th Level

Elemental Confluence Three ActionsConjurationAirEarthFireWater You conjure four types of elementals who combine forces to form into a chaotic storm.
Flame Vortex Three ActionsEvocationAirFire You combine a blazing inferno and air currents into a fiery vortex.
Speaking Sky Two ActionsUncommonDivinationAir The air speaks to you.

8th Level

Punishing Winds Three ActionsEvocationAir Violent winds and a powerful downdraft fill the area, forming a cyclone.
Whirlwind Three ActionsEvocationAir Powerful winds coalesce into a devastating tornado.
Wind Walk TransmutationAir When you cast this spell, each target transforms into a vaguely cloud-like form and is picked up by a wind moving in the direction of your choice.

9th Level

Storm Lord Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAirDruidElectricity The sky above you darkens in a matter of moments, swirling with ominous clouds punctuated by flashes of lighting.
Storm of Vengeance Three ActionsEvocationAirElectricity A massive storm cloud forms in the air in a 360-foot burst.

10th Level

Cataclysm Two ActionsEvocationAcidAirColdEarthElectricityFireWater You call upon the unimaginable power of world-ending cataclysms, ripping a small piece of each cataclysm and combining them together into one horrifically powerful attack.