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morph Spells


Gouging Claw Two ActionsTransmutationAttackCantripMorph You temporarily morph your limb into a clawed appendage.

1st Level

Adapt Self Two ActionsTransmutationClericMorph You make subtle changes to yourself to adapt to the situation.
Dragon Claws One ActionUncommonTransmutationMorphSorcerer Vicious claws grow from your fingers.
Evolution Surge Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationMorphSummoner You flood your eidolon with power, creating a temporary evolution in your eidolon's capabilities.
Glutton's Jaw One ActionUncommonNecromancyMorphSorcerer Your mouth transforms into a shadowy maw bristling with pointed teeth.
Tentacular Limbs One ActionUncommonTransmutationMorphSorcerer Your arms turn into long, pliable tentacles, increasing your reach when you're delivering touch range spells and making unarmed Strikes with your arms (such as fist and claw Strikes) to 10 feet.
Vibrant Thorns One ActionUncommonTransmutationClericMorphPlant Your body sprouts a coat of brambly thorns that harm those that strike you and thrive on life magic.
Wild Morph UncommonTransmutationDruidMorph You morph your body based on your training, choosing one of the following effects based on your wild order feats.

2nd Level

Animal Feature One ActionUncommonTransmutationMorphRanger Without fully transforming your body, you gain one animalistic feature, which you select from the list below each time you Cast the Spell.
Magic Warrior Aspect Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationMorph You call upon the aspect of the animal from your mask, gaining physical features reminiscent of that animal.

3rd Level

Embrace the Pit One ActionUncommonTransmutationEvilMorphSorcerer Devil horns grow from your skull, and your skin takes on features of the devil responsible for your diabolic bloodline.
Feet to Fins Two ActionsTransmutationMorph The target's feet transform into fins, improving mobility in the water but reducing it on land.

4th Level

Shifting Form One ActionUncommonTransmutationMorphWizard You gain one of the following abilities of your choice.

5th Level

Dragon Wings Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationMorphSorcerer Leathery wings sprout from your back, giving you a fly Speed of 60 feet or your Speed, whichever is faster.
Mantle of the Frozen Heart Two ActionsTransmutationColdMorph You surround yourself in a mantle of frigid ice magic, and your skin and armor morph into cold blue ice.
Mantle of the Magma Heart Two ActionsTransmutationFireMorph You surround yourself in a mantle of blazing fire magic, and your skin and anything you're wearing morphs into burning hot lava.
Moon Frenzy Two ActionsTransmutationMorph A feral aspect overcomes the targets, making them tough and savage.

7th Level

Divine Vessel Two ActionsTransmutationMorph You accept otherworldly energies into your body; while you are still recognizably yourself, you gain the features of one of your deity's servitors.