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positive Spells


Disrupt Undead Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You lance the target with energy.
Stabilize Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Positive energy shuts death's door.

1st Level

Disrupting Weapons Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You infuse weapons with positive energy.
Hallowed Ground Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčGood‚ÄčPositive‚Äč One small space becomes inhospitable to undead as you fill it with life-infused benevolent magic.
Heal One Action to Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You channel positive energy to heal the living or damage the undead.
Heal Animal Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčDruid‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You heal an animal's wounds, restoring 1d8 Hit Points to the target.
Heal Companion One Action or Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚ÄčRanger‚Äč You harness positive energy to heal your animal companion's wounds.
Hymn of Healing Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčBard‚ÄčComposition‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Your divine singing mends wounds and provides a temporary respite from harm.
Lay on Hands One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčChampion‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Your hands become infused with positive energy, healing a living creature or damaging an undead creature with a touch.
Lay on Hands (Vs. Undead) One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčChampion‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Your hands become infused with positive energy, healing a living creature or damaging an undead creature with a touch.
Life Link One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčOracle‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You forge a connection of life energy between you and your target, distributing harm between both of you.
Magic Stone One Action to Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You pour positive energy into ordinary stones, granting them temporary magical properties.
Purifying Icicle Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčCold‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You evoke life essence into the form of water and freeze it, then launch the icicle at a foe.

2nd Level

Lifelink Surge One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚ÄčSummoner‚Äč You make a quick gesture, tracing the link between yourself and your eidolon and drawing on your connection to slowly strengthen your shared life force.
Soothing Mist Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚ÄčRanger‚Äč You call forth a magical mist of positive energy that envelops a creature.
Sun Blade Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčFire‚ÄčLight‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You fire a ray of burning sunlight from your weapon.
Wholeness of Body One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčMonk‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You heal yourself in one of the following ways, chosen by you when you cast the spell.

3rd Level

Delay Affliction Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčOracle‚ÄčPositive‚Äč With a surge of healing energy, you push back against an affliction threatening the target and grant a small amount of healing.
Positive Attunement Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You attune a creature to the Positive Energy Plane, connecting its life force without fully transporting it.

4th Level

Cloak of Light Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčLight‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You surround yourself in holy light that restores the living and rebuffs undead.
Eradicate Undeath Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčPositive‚Äč A massive deluge of life energy causes the undead to fall apart.
Holy Cascade Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčGood‚ÄčPositive‚ÄčWater‚Äč You call upon sacred energy to amplify a vial of holy water, tossing it an incredible distance.
Nature's Bounty One ActionUncommon‚ÄčConjuration‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčPlant‚ÄčPositive‚Äč A palm-sized raw fruit or vegetable appears in your open hand.
Plant Growth Uncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčPlant‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You cause the plants within the area to be healthier and more fruitful.
Positive Luminance One ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčLight‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Drawing life force into yourself, you become a beacon of positive energy.
Rebuke Death One Action to Three ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You snatch creatures from the jaws of death.
Soothing Spring Necromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚ÄčWater‚Äč Steam wisps into the air as a stone-lined pool appears in the ground and fills with hot water that bubbles up from the earth.
Vital Beacon Necromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Vitality radiates outward from you, allowing others to supplicate and receive healing.

5th Level

Breath of Life ReactionNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč Your blessing revives a creature at the moment of its death.
Healing Well Three ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You call forth a well of healing that you and your allies can draw from later.
Mother's Blessing Rare‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčBeast‚ÄčConsecration‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You attempt to purify and stabilize the life inside of Ulgrem-Axaan's last remaining clutch of eggs.
Scouring Pulse Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčLight‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You inundate the area with concentrated positive energy, which scours away the stain of undeath.

6th Level

Field of Life Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč A field of positive energy fills the area, exuding warmth and rejuvenating those within.
Life-Giving Form Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčCursebound‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčLight‚ÄčOracle‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You transcend your physical form, becoming a beacon of healing energy.

7th Level

Moonburst Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčCold‚ÄčLight‚ÄčPositive‚Äč A powerful globe of chilling moonlight explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 cold damage to creatures and objects in the area, plus 8d10 additional positive damage to undead creatures.
Regenerate Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč An infusion of positive energy grants a creature continuous healing.
Sunburst Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčFire‚ÄčLight‚ÄčPositive‚Äč A powerful globe of searing sunlight explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 fire damage to all creatures in the area, plus 8d10 additional positive damage to undead creatures.

8th Level

Divine Armageddon Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčNegative‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You call forth a divine cataclysm from your deity, destroying living and undead creatures in the area alike.

10th Level

Hero's Defiance Free ActionUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčChampion‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč You shout in defiance, filling you with a sudden burst of healing.
Revival Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčHealing‚ÄčPositive‚Äč A burst of healing energy soothes living creatures and temporarily rouses those recently slain.