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attack Spells


Acid Splash Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAcid‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCantrip‚Äč You splash a glob of acid that splatters your target and nearby creatures.
Divine Lance Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCantrip‚Äč You unleash a beam of divine energy.
Gouging Claw Two ActionsTransmutation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčMorph‚Äč You temporarily morph your limb into a clawed appendage.
Imaginary Weapon Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčForce‚ÄčPsychic‚Äč You create a simple weapon of force.
Phase Bolt Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCantrip‚Äč You point your finger and project a bolt of magical energy that stutters in and out of phase until it reaches the target.
Produce Flame Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčFire‚Äč A small ball of flame appears in the palm of your hand, and you lash out with it either in melee or at range.
Ray of Frost Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčCold‚Äč You blast an icy ray.
Tanglefoot Two ActionsConjuration‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCantrip‚ÄčPlant‚Äč A vine covered in sticky sap appears from thin air, flicking from your hand and lashing itself to the target.
Telekinetic Projectile Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCantrip‚Äč You hurl a loose, unattended object that is within range and that has 1 Bulk or less at the target.

1st Level

Admonishing Ray Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčNonlethal‚Äč A ray of energy bludgeons your target into submission without causing lasting harm.
Biting Words Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčAuditory‚ÄčLinguistic‚ÄčSonic‚Äč You entwine magic with your voice, causing your taunts and jibes to physically harm your enemies.
Call of the Grave Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčNecromancy‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčWizard‚Äč You fire a ray of sickening energy.
Charged Javelin Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčElectricity‚Äč You fire a javelin of electricity that leaves a charged field around its target.
Elemental Toss One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčSorcerer‚Äč With a flick of your wrist, you fling a chunk of your elemental matter at your foe.
Fire Ray Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčFire‚Äč A blazing band of fire arcs through the air.
Hand of the Apprentice One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčWizard‚Äč You hurl a held melee weapon with which you are trained at the target, making a spell attack roll.
Horizon Thunder Sphere Evocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčElectricity‚Äč You gather magical energy into your palm, forming a concentrated ball of electricity that crackles and rumbles like impossibly distant thunder.
Hurtling Stone One ActionUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčEarth‚Äč You evoke a magical stone and throw it, with your god's presence guiding your aim.
Hydraulic Push Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčWater‚Äč You call forth a powerful blast of pressurized water that bludgeons the target and knocks it back.
Moonbeam Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčFire‚ÄčLight‚Äč You shine a ray of moonlight.
Ray of Enfeeblement Two ActionsNecromancy‚ÄčAttack‚Äč A ray that saps a foe's strength flashes from your hand.
Shocking Grasp Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčElectricity‚Äč You shroud your hands in a crackling field of lightning.
Snowball Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCold‚ÄčWater‚Äč You throw a magically propelled and chilled ball of dense snow.
Winter Bolt Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCleric‚ÄčCold‚Äč You fling a hollow icicle filled with winter's wrath.

2nd Level

Acid Arrow Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAcid‚ÄčAttack‚Äč You conjure an arrow of acid that keeps corroding the target after it hits.
Scorching Ray One Action to Three ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčFire‚Äč You fire a ray of heat and flame.
Telekinetic Maneuver Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčForce‚Äč With a rush of telekinetic power, you move a foe or something they carry.

3rd Level

Chilling Darkness Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCold‚ÄčDarkness‚ÄčEvil‚Äč You shoot an utterly cold ray of darkness tinged with unholy energy.
Magnetic Acceleration Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚Äč You magnetize a small metal object, such as a nail or coin, and launch it away from you at massive speed.
Moonlight Ray Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCold‚ÄčGood‚ÄčLight‚Äč You unleash a holy beam of freezing moonlight.
Searing Light Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčFire‚ÄčGood‚ÄčLight‚Äč You shoot a blazing ray of light tinged with holy energy.
Stone Lance Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčEarth‚Äč You conjure a jagged lance of stone and then launch it at a foe.

4th Level

Chromatic Ray Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčLight‚Äč You send out a ray of colored light streaming toward your enemy, with a magical effect depending on the ray's color.
Clownish Curse Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčMental‚ÄčMisfortune‚Äč You afflict the target with a curse that causes it to emit ridiculous noises as it moves.
Daydreamer's Curse Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčMental‚ÄčMisfortune‚Äč You impose a curse upon the target that renders it easily distracted and unable to focus its thoughts on tasks that demand insight or discernment.
Murderous Vine Two ActionsConjuration‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčPlant‚Äč You summon a slithering, thorny vine that attempts to constrict and crush a foe against a wall or other surface.
Savant's Curse Two ActionsUncommon‚ÄčEnchantment‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCurse‚ÄčMental‚ÄčMisfortune‚Äč You afflict the target with a curse that fills its mind with distracting and hyperspecialized minutiae, causing it to second-guess even simple facts.

6th Level

Disintegrate Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚Äč You fire a green ray at your target.

8th Level

Polar Ray Two ActionsEvocation‚ÄčAttack‚ÄčCold‚Äč You fire a blue-white ray of freezing air and sleet that deals 10d8 cold damage.