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linguistic Spells


Message One ActionIllusionAuditoryCantripLinguisticMental You mouth words quietly, but instead of coming out of your mouth, they're transferred directly to the ears of the target.

1st Level

Biting Words Two ActionsEvocationAttackAuditoryLinguisticSonic You entwine magic with your voice, causing your taunts and jibes to physically harm your enemies.
Charming Words One ActionUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryIncapacitationLinguisticMentalWizard You whisper enchanting words to deflect your foe's ire.
Command Two ActionsEnchantmentAuditoryLinguisticMental You shout a command that's hard to ignore.
Message Rune DivinationLinguisticMental You record a message up to 5 minutes long and inscribe a special rune on any flat unattended surface within reach.
Sweet Dream Three ActionsUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryClericLinguisticMentalSleep With soothing song or tales, you lull the target into an enchanting dream.

3rd Level

Tattoo Whispers RareDivinationAuditoryLinguisticMental You carefully tattoo the same design upon each secondary caster.

4th Level

Compel True Name Two ActionsRareEnchantmentAuditoryIncapacitationLinguisticMentalTrueName You instruct the target to do something, compelling obedience by calling it by its true name.
Girzanje's March Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentAuditoryLinguisticMental You sing a prayer for war, inspiring valor in allies who hear your song.
Suggestion Two ActionsEnchantmentIncapacitationLinguisticMental Your honeyed words are difficult for creatures to resist.
Telepathy Two ActionsDivinationLinguisticMental You can communicate telepathically with creatures within 30 feet.
Wind Whispers RareEnchantmentClericLinguisticMental You call forth numerous breezes in which you weave gossip, whispering subtly into the ears of those around.

5th Level

Mind Probe UncommonDivinationLinguisticMental You cast your thoughts through a creature's mind, sifting for information.
Subconscious Suggestion Two ActionsEnchantmentIncapacitationLinguisticMental You implant a subconscious suggestion deep within the target's mind for them to follow when a trigger you specify occurs.

6th Level

Asmodean Wager RareDivinationLinguistic You facilitate a magically binding agreement between yourself and one or more additional secondary casters, wherein each participant (hereafter referred to as the bettors) stakes something of value on the outcome of an event that has yet to be determined.

9th Level

Crusade Two ActionsUncommonEnchantmentLinguisticMental You issue a divine mandate or proclaim a cause to the targets.
Telepathic Demand Three ActionsEnchantmentIncapacitationLinguisticMental You send the target a message of 25 words or fewer, and it can respond immediately with its own message of 25 words or fewer.