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darkness Spells


Shroud of Night One ActionUncommonEvocationCantripDarknessHexWitch Drawing your hand in a sweeping gesture, you shroud the target in a veil of night.

1st Level

Cloak of Shadow One ActionUncommonEvocationClericDarknessShadow You drape the target in a mantle of swirling shadows that make it harder to see.
Dim the Light ReactionUncommonEvocationDarknessSorcerer You magnify the darkness from the triggering effect, causing the ambient light level to flicker briefly so you can slip from sight.
Penumbral Shroud Two ActionsEvocationDarkness You envelop the target in a shroud of shadow.

2nd Level

Darkness Three ActionsEvocationDarkness You create a shroud of darkness that prevents light from penetrating or emanating within the area.
Swallow Light Two ActionsUncommonEvocationColdDarknessNegative You draw magical light into your open mouth, consuming it and turning its essence into fuel for a gout of life-draining shadows.

3rd Level

Chilling Darkness Two ActionsEvocationAttackColdDarknessEvil You shoot an utterly cold ray of darkness tinged with unholy energy.
Wall of Shadow Three ActionsUncommonEvocationDarkness You form a wall of pure darkness in a straight line up to 60 feet long and 10 feet high.

4th Level

Darkened Eyes Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationClericDarkness You infuse a creature's vision with darkness.

5th Level

Dance of Darkness Two ActionsUncommonEvocationDarkness You dance, Striding up to half your Speed.

7th Level

Darklight Three ActionsUncommonEvocationDarknessShadow Shadows pour forth from your eyes, creating a field of darkness that prevents light from emanating within the area.
Eclipse Burst Two ActionsNecromancyColdDarknessNegative A globe of freezing darkness explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 cold damage to creatures in the area, plus 8d4 additional negative damage to living creatures.