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negative Spells


Chill Touch Two ActionsNecromancyCantripNegative Siphoning negative energy into yourself, your hand radiates a pale darkness.

1st Level

Grim Tendrils Two ActionsNecromancyNegative Tendrils of darkness curl out from your fingertips and race through the air.
Harm One Action to Three ActionsNecromancyNegative You channel negative energy to harm the living or heal the undead.
Necromancer's Generosity Two ActionsNecromancyNegative You channel negative energy through your magical connection to your undead minion to strengthen the creature.
Soul Siphon One ActionUncommonNecromancyCurseboundNegativeOracle You siphon off a portion of the target's soul to bolster your own vitality.
Touch of Corruption One ActionUncommonNecromancyChampionNegative You infuse the target with negative energy.
Touch of Undeath One ActionUncommonNecromancyClericNegative You attack the target's life force with undeath, dealing 1d6 negative damage.
Undeath's Blessing One ActionUncommonNecromancyNegativeSorcerer You instill within a creature the touch of the grave.
Withering Grasp Two ActionsNecromancyClericNegative Your touch rots organic material and decays objects.

2nd Level

Sudden Blight Two ActionsNecromancyNegative You accelerate the processes of decay in the area.
Swallow Light Two ActionsUncommonEvocationColdDarknessNegative You draw magical light into your open mouth, consuming it and turning its essence into fuel for a gout of life-draining shadows.

3rd Level

Curse Of Lost Time Two ActionsTransmutationCurseNegative You curse the target with rapid aging or erosion.
Drain Life One ActionUncommonNecromancyNegativeSorcerer You close your hand and pull life energy from another creature into yourself.
Vampiric Touch Two ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative Your touch leeches the lifeblood out of a target to empower yourself.

4th Level

Blight UncommonNecromancyNegativePlant You twist and stunt plants in the area, causing them to wither.
Call The Blood Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyDeathNegative With a word and gesture, you cause streams of blood to erupt from the target's mouth, nostrils, ears, or other facial openings and come rushing into your mouth.
Enervation Two ActionsNecromancyNegative Extending a finger, you fire a beam of negative energy that weakens the life force of any creature it touches.
Fallow Field Two ActionsNecromancyClericNegative A sickly yellow light fills the area as entropic forces prevent healing.
Malignant Sustenance Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyClericNegative You embed a seed of negative energy in an undead creature, restoring its unnatural vigor.
Necrotic Radiation Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyNegative You imbue the touched object or space with slow-acting necrotic radiation.
Sanguine Mist Two ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative You unleash a cloud of foul, blood-sucking fog that drains the vitality from the living to bolster your own.
Vampiric Maiden Two ActionsNecromancyNegative A ghostly iron maiden snaps shut on the target and drains its vitality for your gain.

5th Level

Rip the Spirit One Action to Three ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative You supernaturally rip the spirit from a living creature's body, dooming the target to pain and death.

6th Level

Necrotize Two ActionsNecromancyNegative You necrotize part of a creature's body, harming it and debilitating it as its body putrefies, mimicking the natural process of decay.
Vampiric Exsanguination Two ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative You draw in the blood and life force of other creatures through your outstretched arms.

7th Level

Eclipse Burst Two ActionsNecromancyColdDarknessNegative A globe of freezing darkness explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 cold damage to creatures in the area, plus 8d4 additional negative damage to living creatures.

8th Level

Devour Life Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyDeathHealingNegative You attempt to utterly consume the target's life force.
Divine Armageddon Two ActionsNecromancyNegativePositive You call forth a divine cataclysm from your deity, destroying living and undead creatures in the area alike.
Horrid Wilting Two ActionsNecromancyNegative You pull the moisture from the targets' bodies, dealing 10d10 negative damage.

9th Level

Massacre Two ActionsNecromancyDeathNegative You unleash a wave of necromantic energy to snuff out the life force of those in its path.
Wail of the Banshee Two ActionsNecromancyAuditoryDeathNegative Your scream chills the souls of enemies that hear it.