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good Spells

1st Level

Angelic Halo One ActionUncommonAbjurationAuraGoodSorcerer You gain an angelic halo with an aura that increases allies' healing from the Heal spell.
Hallowed Ground Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyGoodPositive One small space becomes inhospitable to undead as you fill it with life-infused benevolent magic.

3rd Level

Consecrate Flesh Two ActionsUncommonTransmutationGood Through the strength of your faith, your body becomes infused with holy energy.
Litany against Wrath One ActionUncommonEvocationChampionGoodLitany Your litany rails against the sin of wrath, punishing the target for attacking good creatures.
Moonlight Ray Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAttackColdGoodLight You unleash a holy beam of freezing moonlight.
Searing Light Two ActionsEvocationAttackFireGoodLight You shoot a blazing ray of light tinged with holy energy.
Sun's Fury Two ActionsUncommonEvocationFireGood The target weapon becomes wreathed in a glowing flame.

4th Level

Holy Cascade Two ActionsEvocationGoodPositiveWater You call upon sacred energy to amplify a vial of holy water, tossing it an incredible distance.
Purifying Veil Two ActionsRareEvocationClericGoodWater Drawing on the purifying powers of water, you call forth a veil of fine water droplets suffused with holy energy.
Radiant Beam Two ActionsUncommonEvocationGoodLight You fire a beam of blinding light from your outstretched hands.

5th Level

Litany against Sloth One ActionUncommonEvocationChampionGoodLitany Your litany rails against the sin of sloth, interfering with the target's ability to react.

7th Level

Angel Form Two ActionsTransmutationGoodPolymorph Invoking the celestial realms, you transform into a Medium angel battle form.
Litany of Righteousness One ActionUncommonEvocationChampionGoodLitany Your litany denounces an evildoer, rendering it susceptible to the powers of good.