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light Spells


Dancing Lights Two ActionsEvocationCantripLight You create up to four floating lights, no two of which are more than 10 feet apart.
Hologram Cage Three ActionsUncommonIllusionCantripLightPsychic You weave light into a cube of vivid and fantastic patterns.
Light Two ActionsEvocationCantripLight The object glows, casting bright light in a 20-foot radius (and dim light for the next 20 feet) like a torch.

1st Level

Dazzling Flash Two ActionsUncommonEvocationClericLightVisual You raise your religious symbol and create a blinding flash of light.
Moonbeam Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAttackClericFireLight You shine a ray of moonlight.
Spray of Stars Two ActionsUncommonEvocationCurseboundFireLightOracle You fling a spray of tiny shooting stars, dealing 1d4 fire damage.
Zenith Star Two ActionsDivinationClericLight You call a tiny star to orbit a creature in a sparkling halo before shooting up into the heavens, where it marks the creature's rough location.

2nd Level

Continual Flame Three ActionsEvocationLight A magical flame springs up from the object, as bright as a torch.
Faerie Fire Two ActionsEvocationLight All creatures in the area when you cast the spell are limned in colorful, heatless fire of a color of your choice for the duration.
Inner Radiance Torrent NecromancyForceLight You gradually manifest your spiritual energy into your cupped hands before firing off a storm of bolts and beams that deal 4d4 force damage to all creatures in a 60-foot line.
Light of Revelation Two ActionsUncommonDivinationLightRevelation You shed a luminous aura, illuminating a 30-foot radius with bright light.
Radiant Field Three ActionsUncommonEvocationLight You create an area of bright light.
Reaper's Lantern Two ActionsNecromancyDeathLight You call forth a ghostly lantern that guides the living toward death and the undead toward true death.
Sun Blade Two ActionsUncommonEvocationFireLightPositive You fire a ray of burning sunlight from your weapon.

3rd Level

Angelic Wings Two ActionsUncommonEvocationLightSorcerer Wings of pure light spread out from your back, granting you a fly Speed equal to your Speed.
Moonlight Ray Two ActionsUncommonEvocationAttackColdGoodLight You unleash a holy beam of freezing moonlight.
Searing Light Two ActionsEvocationAttackFireGoodLight You shoot a blazing ray of light tinged with holy energy.
Wall of Radiance Three ActionsUncommonEvocationLight You form a wall of brilliant light that obscures creatures.
Wall of Virtue Three ActionsUncommonEvocationLight You create a translucent wall of light, which draws power from the celestial realms.

4th Level

Asterism Three ActionsEvocationClericLight Lines of burning starlight form a constellation around you.
Chromatic Armor Two Actions or Three ActionsAbjurationLight You wrap the target in armor made of sheets of colored light.
Chromatic Ray Two ActionsEvocationAttackLight You send out a ray of colored light streaming toward your enemy, with a magical effect depending on the ray's color.
Cloak of Light Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyHealingLightPositive You surround yourself in holy light that restores the living and rebuffs undead.
Positive Luminance One ActionUncommonNecromancyClericLightPositive Drawing life force into yourself, you become a beacon of positive energy.
Radiant Beam Two ActionsUncommonEvocationGoodLight You fire a beam of blinding light from your outstretched hands.
Touch of the Moon One ActionUncommonEnchantmentClericLight When you touch the target, a symbol of the moon appears on its forehead, glowing with soft moonlight.

5th Level

Scouring Pulse Two ActionsUncommonEvocationLightPositive You inundate the area with concentrated positive energy, which scours away the stain of undeath.

6th Level

Life-Giving Form Two ActionsUncommonNecromancyCurseboundHealingLightOraclePositive You transcend your physical form, becoming a beacon of healing energy.
Moonlight Bridge Two ActionsUncommonConjurationCurseboundLightOracle You summon a bridge of radiant, shimmering moonlight.

7th Level

Moonburst Two ActionsUncommonEvocationColdLightPositive A powerful globe of chilling moonlight explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 cold damage to creatures and objects in the area, plus 8d10 additional positive damage to undead creatures.
Prismatic Spray Two ActionsEvocationLight A spray of rainbow light beams cascades from your open hand.
Sunburst Two ActionsEvocationFireLightPositive A powerful globe of searing sunlight explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 fire damage to all creatures in the area, plus 8d10 additional positive damage to undead creatures.

8th Level

Prismatic Wall Three ActionsAbjurationLight You create an opaque wall of shimmering, multicolored light.

9th Level

Prismatic Shield One ActionRareAbjurationLight Shield-sized shards of multicolored light manifest in the air around you, each rotating quickly to intercept attacks.
Prismatic Sphere Two ActionsAbjurationLight You create a seven-layered sphere to protect an area.